Sail onwards

If you choose to set sail, on stormy waters,SAIL ONWARDS
Do so at your own risk of being battered.
Waves so high and currents so strong,
Helpless is your ship in its grip too long.
Prepare to experience pain so deep,
Your joviality and smile you wont keep.
Swaying on tides unrelenting mercy,
Supplies low, on a bed of water, yet thirsty.
Losing track of day and night in dark clouds,
Choosing not to radio for help ego too proud.
Cresting waves reaching to the sky so precarious,
In the grip of fear so very delirious.
Devil’s Sirens beckoning you to the rocks,
Lump in your throat sweat on your brow.
Sail with faith that God’s barge has you in tow.

© Perveiz Ali

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Copyright © Perveiz Ali


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