Room 16

It’s on the last floor
small space, dim red light
a holy Bible and more,
Tattered curtain laid white.

Light skin ladies
Colourful men
Dogs with rabies
God bless them, Amen.

An innocent porch
A blessed couch
Sleeping days
Bring no pays,

Happy working nights;
‘Cut some slights
for only fifty’
Oh Dog!, the price is nifty.

Read quotations
Change positions
Cum quick, next dog!
Damn stupid wog.

Wear your pants
Be gentle with the curtain
Exit room 16
Say a prayer for the night
The sleeping day will take care of its self.

We are only trying to be happy
But we try harder not to regret
This our normal life

‘It is finished’.


By Kweku Atta Crayon ( Oppong Clifford Benjamin)

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Copyright © Oppong Clifford Benjamin
Written By: Oppong Clifford Benjamin

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Published with the express permission of Oppong Clifford Benjamin

Oppong Clifford Benjamin is Founder President at Builders of the African Dream. To know more, the link for the same is

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