Red Earth.

The blue and green planet,
Colour fading away slowly.
A new color scheme rapidly approaches,
Painted by it’s own foolish inhabitants.
Splashing strong colors all around,
Using the blood of human beings.
Those supposedly different in
Ideology, religion and ethnicity.
Is this the goal we are working for?
Changing the living planet into damning hell?
Giving a clear message for generations to come,
Man is possibly the biggest threat,
Not only to others, but to his own species.
We must rise against atrocities and barbarism,
Tolerance and acceptance of differences is needed.
Forget not that we are all unique humans.
How can a human heart beat without pain,
While seeing the wailing mothers in chains?
And sprouting buds withered and tethered,
The young lost in hopelessly defeated dreams.

©Perveiz Ali

Although written many months before but I feel it relevant to present circumstances. My heart bleeds with wails of mothers and other family members of Peshawar innocent matyrs.

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Copyright © Perveiz Ali


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