Anonymous fear capturing my mind
As if my shadow would poke knife
In my back
Is it all that ‘ cause piles of nuisance
Of disbelief
Where is pure breeze that rejuvenate
My life?
Your fragrance of sweet breath
Immortalizing my collapsing courage
You merge in me vigorous stability.
But it had been heard dream like magic
In present moment this burning summer
Words dying inside with uncanny thirst
Even though my blind eyes hopes
With wavered memory dimmed
Myriad faces like fusion of colors
Names as if belongs nobody
Seems they have stuck fast many years
Without iota of coma change
Is my poem alive there?
And one man’s face fell down in street
He lifts another in haste
They would forget to take helmet but not face
To defy attacks of outside bizarre world
Word knitted global web around me to
Cage me inside.
When I returned home exhausted.
Mother asked me with groping my body
Did you bring me spect to see this world again
And your face?
Everyday you promises me and forgets
Like politician
Are you feeling not well?
Why don’t you talk with me like before?
Are you not my son?
Anything wrong with you?
She stumbled and falling on floor I held her hand.
Why you are holding me let me fall and die!
I cannot bear this wordless world anymore
Still I stood still like wallpaper of scarecrow
Helping her to search her son ………. Me?
She screamed…… kavery!
You also let my son lost
Your love could not bind him forever?
Are you failure?
You have not taken care of him like me.
You also dumb, what bullshit haunted this home?
Don’t let elope life away
Those dreams are never big than us
Those illusions never your true friend
It is very unsafe feeling void without words
You have thrown that weapon and becoming faceless.

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Copyright © Shivaji Pandhare

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Disclaimer: The image used herein is in the public domain and taken from the Internet. Due appreciation and credit is acknowledged for the same.

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