If our dreams fly away, we should also give pursuit
And find our purpose, our place, where we best suit
We should never give up while racing in life’s circuit
We should never look back until our efforts bear fruit
Let hard work and determination be the traits we recruit

The artisan of our life’s tune is us! We play our destiny’s flute
We must face the music and prepare for factors that pollute
Hurdles, fears and doubts, these only make our strengths dilute
If our focus and determination towards success is made resolute
Then realization of our dreams becomes a fact that’s absolute

Endurance is a valuable aspect of life we must learn to institute
Life’s challenges and blows should make us stronger, not destitute
We must always apply wisdom to make life’s choices that are astute
The outcome of our destiny depends on the values we constitute
Hope, faith and belief are virtues we can lose but vital to restitute

Changing the world begins with us! Seeking ways we can all contribute
Towards making a better tomorrow, kindness costs us nothing to distribute
Helping others often makes a big difference and is the greatest attribute
We must incorporate in our daily lives for it is the best way to show tribute
To humanity, give and you shall receive is the healthiest way to retribute

Let me get straight to the point instead of using words to circumlocute
Staying true to the dreams and endeavors we deeply desire to execute
Involves moving mountains and fending off forces that prosecute
And never giving life’s trials and tribulations the power to persecute
While having patience and a devotion that is strong and very acute

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Copyright © Bernard Owor

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