A birth of a new light in the sky
My Charismatic Crescent
For your arrival many await
Your Crystal Concave Silver line to see.
Swimming across the Metaphoric sea of the sky
Amidst the ironic forest of the stars
Reflecting brightness of the setting Golden Sun
Glaring as you glow
Making us glare with impish glee
Enunciating “Has it been sighted?” many a times.
My Charismatic Crescent
Come and show your presence
With your Ramadhanic enticement prowess
To entice one and all towards rewardable acts
For peace is neither a faith nor a belief
It’s an element of your true tranquility.
My Charismatic Crescent
Golden in value- Silver in colour
Vaulted behind the clouds
We all await your arrival
As you orbit displaying your planetary splendour
Beautifying as you transcend
Reminding me of my young dreams
When my eyes reach for the stars
And I see your curvaceous outfit
Wrapped in your glowing apron
As you followed the Setting Sun
Assuming you to a Suitor and a betrothed,
Conceiving within my dear heart a Ceremonial Solemnisation
That you shall wed next day
As people converged to Midwifed your coming Son
A precious son named ramadhan
Twenty nine or Thirty days it shall live
Blessing all the mothers and the fathers as they fast
Happy Ramadhan!

© Musa Shehu Uthman 24-05-2017


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