Presently many are entangled in a materialistic mesh

Absently strangled by the lusts of our mortal flesh

Evidently ensnared by possessions and worldly treasures

Ardently driven by our thirst for earthly pleasures


Currently so many of us are living a life of illusion

Apparently unaware of our own state of delusion

Consequently chasing around our very own tails

Subsequently moving in circles around our trails


Silently condoning and embracing immoral values

Intently ignorant of the truth and moral virtues

Dependently enslaved by our nonchalant existence

Independently lacking any form of ethical substance


Permanently lost in the mist of worldly abstraction

Imminently heading towards our own destruction

Urgently most of us need to wake up! Open our eyes

Diligently fight to emancipate ourselves from the lies


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