The scriptures say “In the beginning was the Word
And the word was with God and the word was God”
Take a few moments to ponder this thought
Seek divine guidance to unearth its meaning

Words indeed are truly a magnificent force
That often opens doors to our wildest dreams
For words can cut deeper than a steel blade
And can administer a hurt beyond physical pain

So with words adorned with a touch of wisdom
I peruse the many chapters of everyday life
With one thing in mind, to elate spirit and soul
And unmask the veil that deludes most men

Using great motivation I have dared to fly
To heights further beyond the great blue sky
So as to inspire, encourage and shed new light
Using the power we wield in form of words

So journey with me in your most turbulent times
My poetic gift can soothe your anguished plight
It is the divine purpose God created me for
And it puts me at peace to ensure it’s fulfilled

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