As the banks that lay upon the great Nile
So is our potential very rich and fertile
But within most of us it remains docile
Because of limitations that we stockpile
Begetting success is no matter that’s facile
Survival only favors the strong and virile
Even when conditions of life get hostile
Peace adorns those who can afford a smile
Have wits that are sharp not arrogant or senile
This world has no place for a fool or imbecile
We need not indulge in deeds that are vile
Or get lost in worldly pleasures that beguile
And shouldn’t let our past force us to exile
What’s done is done we must open a new file
Life is a fight we can win no matter how rile
Or how stressing our troubles that compile
For every moment counts each step, each mile
Our tenancy in this world is a very short while
Life shows no mercy for the weak and fragile
We must face many hurdles that come to defile
Our hopes and dreams making our efforts futile
Have not a rigid mind but a mind that’s agile
And can adapt to the world changing profile
With our faults and weaknesses we must reconcile
We need to learn and grow not remain juvenile
Don’t allow fears and doubts to make us volatile
We have the power and strength that so versatile

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