My love is visible and invisible too!

My love is visible and invisible too!

My scribbles on your body...

My scribbles on your body…










The shooting star is me
Burning with the blaze of passion
Penetrating deep in your soul!

What you half-see with open eyes
You half-see with closed eyes,
My love is visible and invisible too!

My scribbles on your body
Are silent copies of heaven’s art,
You only can read it my Beloved !

Time is motionless
Time has motion too
Its sways between the two,
It is independent of the two!

I travel on the ripples of light
My deathless thoughts wrap your body
I enter beyond the wall of TIME !

Time sets hurdles adamantly
Yet i gallop and reach you….

Your fire of passion shapes
My plastic and passive emotions
I will not yield to fugitive joy
Your heart is not deaf to my voice.

I travel by the road made
by the hues sprayed by
your divine beauty
Goading the spirit
to reach its abode.

the cool arms of the moon
Take me to the dreamy world
Where fairies sing, dreams dance
In the scintillating ecstasy of LOVE.
seema devi 1.2.14 and 2.2.14
My digital art

Copyright © Seema Devi
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