POETIC DRIZZLE………..29 July 2015

1. FIRE…….
A fire which is cool as snow
A fire which is as hot as lava
A fire which ignites imagination
A fire which ships us to HIS abode
Let me get this fire as a gift from HIM.

2. TEARS….

Tears of all are called tears .
No dear, all tears are not same..
Like the whorl of the thumb
each one has a structure different
And my own tears are not same
When I shed tears of joy
when I shed tears of sorrow
when I shed tears of irritation
Onion or chemicals , yes
the tears are different in structure.
tears are not same,He is great
meticulous and scientist divine……

3. MIND….how strange!

Mind travels in one direction.
When I paint, odes
become stranger to me
When I write odes ,
art becomes stranger to me
When I treat patients,
both become stranger to me
When I sit in silence, alone
The world becomes stranger to me.

Seema Devi…….7/29/2015
My digital art

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Copyright © Seema Devi

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Art:  Seema Devi


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