The world of poetry defines my existence
Against all odds and very grave resistance
With a flow of wisdom and touch of elegance
In the very hearts of men I seek admittance

From the fields of life to those of romance
I’ve sprayed the air with a poetic fragrance
Upon uncharted waters, I’m set to advance
With poetry’s suave I continue to enhance

The spread of its charms I topple the balance
Creating works that induce a blissful trance
While elating the spirits of those who glance
And enchanting their souls to rise and dance

My poetic nature is one of great defiance
It allows nothing to impede my brilliance
The trappings of time, space and distance
Will never push my resolve to remittance

I now view failure with an eye of reverence
For after many trials I see the importance
Of believing, of hoping, of having endurance
Indeed success calls for a willed tolerance

So I plot in my affairs in a versed accordance
For life bestows us one opportunity, one chance
To assert our presence give our life relevance
I’ll use mine to steer lost souls to deliverance

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Copyright © Bernard Owor

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