U sold to me
Painted lies
Across the river of love
U sow’d a bed of coloured hopes
Tell me
Why do u find pleasure painting gloomy hopes?

And u said
I shall forever glow in your heart
More than the burning sun heats planet earth
My love shall heat your heart
A fiery dart

My tears flow to flooded streams
My heart bleeds
I taste the agony of love
In this memory lane
I remember a tale of yesteryears
When u promised me heavens

My heart bleeds
My soul weeps
A poisoned arrow
U have thrust
In the marrow of my trust

A piercing dagger
U have thrown
Like a smashed snail drowns
In it’s own flood,
I stagger
In this pool
Of brokenness
Secured through void hope

U turned the tables
U rolled the wheels
Today I stand transfixed
Watching helplessly
As our boat sail away
To distant lands
Sound the gong
Gather the people
Sing unto my soul
A sorrowful dirge

Drain’d and disdained
Drawn from life
Into lies
By ties
I thought were right
I die the death of love
Let love sing a new mirth
Raising me from this death

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Copyright © Samuel Amazing Ayoade (Blazing Pen) & Ogechi Veronica Ukwu

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