PHILIA AND SOPHIANikitha Hingad is a young woman from Bengaluru, India….and has recently launched her book of poems titled Philia and Sophia……She is a graduate in commerce and is currently pursuing her academic interests. She writes poetry in her free time and shares it with her close friends. Her other interests include art, dance, music and reading. As a child, she was exposed to books of varied genres such as philosophy, fiction, comic, self-help etc. Writing a book was always her dream.

“In despair, I write
My tears, my ink
In tragedy, I write
My blood, my ink
In endeavor, I write
My sweat, my ink
In pleasure, I write
My desire, my ink
In celebration, I write
My aura, my ink
In awakening, I write
My soul, my ink….

By Nikitha Hingad

Just like the title suggests Philia and Sophia is a compilation of poems and writings on love and wisdom. the compilation consists of of well-crafted poems written in diamat, haiku, sonnet and free style of poetry. Philia is a set of heart touching poems with ubiquitous themes like proposal, betrayal and memories. Sophia on the other hand leaves reader with a message, a moral and inspiration for better living. Sophia makes reader really think and Philia makes reader feel. Philia and Sophia intend to touch the heart, soul and stir deep thoughts.

Book Details:
Paperback, print on order, 180 pages
Published on March 24th 2015 by Patridge Publishing


This book comprising an exquisite collection of poems can be purchased online at the links below:

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