War between men and women,
War which its flames are massive,
They burn up to iron and steel con,
Everyday it gains its ill motive.

Trending topics shows bad omen,
Dressing code remain exam in native,
Where is our rights some ask the lemon,
Since its bitter can’t be taken nor sieve.

Is this the signs of ending time or its a season?
Ladies are rough like disturbed bees in a hive.
Stripping nude one of them was a treason,
See how my fellow men has caused the den.

Delilah’s are now showcasing their token,
Showing men how badly they can behave,
Hot like red core on a burning old oven,
Ready to swallow all men with no one to save.

Feel sorry for us poor bachelors in don,
Where are we going to find wives to rave,
While most of them are fighting against our drain,
Wishing to run away and hide in far away cave…

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Copyright © Changez Ndzai


Changez Ndzai is on facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/changez.ndzai

Photo Credit: Nayna Shah – Nairobi, Kenya


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