The same pen Chinua Achebe used,
Is the pen am using African poet,
With magic ink in it well placed,
Carefully narrating its fate so tight.

This pen should not touch the soil’s card,
Neither its ink must not be let to run out,
Generation after generation have passed,
But the pen must remain and put in account.

Ngugi wa Thiong’o solely discovered,
Its power as he used it as punishment,
Well he did pinpoint out ill acts on board,
And the hidden agendas of the government.

Nelson Mandela remains an Icon laid,
He hold its knob and splits his wisdom soft,
Through this magic African pen indeed,
He managed to lay a foundation of light.

Ayi Kwei Armah let it out and its ballpoint rolled,
Making the pen crush the ribs of the corrupt,
This pen of the olden days stands and remains valid,
So as today I do hold it I have no regret.

In between Wole Soyinka fingers the pen lured,
I saw it dancing the song from his ideas bit,
The same ideology of the pen expressed,
So let me do the same for this pen can’t halt.

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