How do you feel when someone
offends you?
A burning reaction of assault on
your reputation?
An issue that needs addressing
immediately?Peacemakers 3

We react to insults from pushy people
with outrage
If not externally then equally
We cannot resist to get our last word

To settle the verbal score making people
In their place when our dignity has been
Feeling compelled to put the reprobates
in place

Most of us are confrontational by
human nature
Others avoid it outwardly steaming from
the inside
Relationships are volatile and conduct
will reveal

Whether we live at peace in this world and
our hearts
Our greatest threat to this is a spirit
of pride
We are not content to let others be
off beam

Feeling compelled to set things straight results
in conflict
Escalating competition to whose opinion
will win


People who can respond to insults with a compliment have
mastered pride

And in so doing have become a makers of

© Kim van Breda—19 August 2014

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Copyright © Kim Van Breda


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