Paradise Lost

For God’s sake! Bring back the glorious past,
That of Heaven on earth so blessed.
A paradise of peace with beautification worldwide,
Oh God! Would that Kashmir once more glowed.
Calm beauty in every nook and corner,
Sense of patriotism in each hearts and minds.
Not the wanton murders and bloodshed of now,
Our streets and parks stained red from blood.
Our innocence forever lost to greedy manipulation?
What became of our humanitarian zest?
Robbed of our purity and chastity by looters,
Is this the game that we now play?
The shroud of death spreads over the land,
The promises of glorious past now lost,
New generations deprived of great promise.
Our Garden of Love now a land of gravestones,
Who shall mourn with me over Paradise lost?

© Perveiz Ali

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Copyright © Perveiz Ali


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Photo Credit: Vijay Vaghela

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