Those dreaded words that so many people these day hear,

And suddenly a life of fun and laughter turns to one of dread and fear,

Confidence, invincibility, is replaced by a feeling of being scared,

The unknowing will eat at you, and for that, no one can be prepared

Bitterness and anger will try to make you a person you are not,

Your old self was happy and vibrant, how soon you have forgot.

Your energy has gone. You feel lonely. No future lies ahead,

Hanging on dreaded words, consultants and doctors have said.

Depression takes over. Sorrow and anxiety rule your mind,

The old you has gone, abandoned, left so far behind.

Life is cruel. You say, Why me?? You question all the time

What have I done to deserve this? Have I committed some sacred crime?

The memory of happy times, pains the mind, of what seems an age gone by

Sadness, sorrow, darkness, and sometimes, on your own you cry.

Isolated, alone, and yet there are a million more,

Will you ever be again…… you were before?………………………….And yet……………..

There is a chance I might not make it. But there is a chance I will

There is still so much to live for, some dreams I need to fulfill.

People will smile though they hurt, and hide feelings of despair,

And only me and me alone can smile, a smile for them to share.

I am not weak or fragile. With oh so many friends,

I am looking for new beginnings and do not think of any ends.

My mind is strong. Yes, stronger than this disease will know,

And able, with a laugh, I can take all that it can throw.

I feel normal, I have come to terms, I am ready for a fight.

The future is not dark. Friends and family provide a light.

I have a sense of calm. On this journey that I travel

And who knows. What marvels and wonders may unravel

I am grateful, appreciative, of each kind word of love,

Of every prayer and message that’s sent to god above.

And yes I will be as I was, with a future and a life to live

And a heart that still beats. With love, so much to give

the last bit is for my Bro…………………………xxxxx

Copyright © Alan

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