English: Coffee comes in may varieties, shapes...

English: Coffee comes in may varieties, shapes, and sizes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Kinship evolves, brotherhood sustains.
Times spent talking through the night.
On top of the mountain caressed by vastness.
We lost the years but not the friendship.
Expresso in the ritzy candy store,
Cafe Latte’ on the building ledge 14 stories up.
Cuban coffee on Biscayne Bay Bay Bridge.
That is Miami and we fished with fresh shrimp.
Cafe’ con leche the flowery avenue in Cancun.
Kava Americano con Mlieko in Praha prosim.
Coffee regular in the city with fresh bagels.
Triple cream and triple sugar as we prepared
for a day of construction.

We lost the years but not the friendship.
I want one more cup of coffee, just one.
If you return or I resurrect, just one,
just one , more cup of coffee.
With you.

Larry was a classmate, workout partner,
brother-in-law and best friend that ,
died some 30 years ago.
I love you and miss you.

Robert T. Natello 1985/2014

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Copyright © Robert T. Natello

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