Birthday Wishes...

Birthday Wishes…

Many years ago you were born
With tears, laughter and joyful song
Nothing but smiles you brought along
The death of years we will not mourn

The little babe of yesterday
Today the cause of merriment
Despite the fang of years and dent
Joyful tales we are here to say

All thanks to Him in the highest
The one who giveth all the years
And cast away all profound fears
Tis He that kept you in His nest [avatar user=”victoradex94″ size=”100″ align=”right”]

May the rest of your earthly days
Be the best you will ever sail
May every year on this day bail
More success in multiple ways

Copyright @ Adetimilehin VicAdex Inioluwa
Adetimilehin VicAdex Inioluwa wrote on Oppong Clifford Benjamin‘s timeline.
October 17 at 6:51am
Published with the express permission of Adetimilehin VicAdex Inioluwa
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