the cherubim are all dead
seraphim had gone to rest
i am the new angel
ordained to look after your eden.
you’re the breath i’ve smoked into my nose
and the weed i’ve snuff like tocco.
pardon me if i act you the movie of a drunkard
whose emotion had be hinged and out of control
for my lips have swim through the pool of your ethanoic love
my adam had eaten an apple
lucifer paralyzed and crippled
eye now opened to stare without fear
on your fettled beauty that engrave the footprints of passion
okin must doff its hat
for your beauty that glitters like a star
its royal tenure had lapse
you’re now the beauty queen of the earth
you’re the missing rib
creator stole while i’m asleep
my heart beat for joy
for i’ve found my stolen treasure
on this epoch lover’s moon felaberation
i pledge you my vow to convey you to the holy altar
where i shall bind your finger with a charming ring
and caress your lips before the chief priest
“i do” shall be the chorus of our lyrics
where we shall forever lose our way in the map of lust
i shall circumcise your virgin lips
with every bite my tongue will pierce
i shall use an useless you like a tatterred rag
cahooting you till your last breath become tired.

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Oki Kehinde Julius

Copyright  ©  Oki Kehinde Julius       Submitted by © Samuel Amazing Ayoade ( Samuel Ayoade Wordiator – Blazing Pen)

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