It pains a lot
To see the celebration
And ecstasy all around
On this special day
That was destined and
Meant to be yours.

It pains a lot
To feel how injured
Sadness peeps into
Your mind creepingly
And eclipses the hope
That once lighted your heart.

It pains a lot
To know how
The trusted hands
Refuse to hold you tight
And sever all the ties
For which you told many lies.

It pains a lot
To digest the defeat
Where your love,your belief
Your faith you still maintain
Crushed under the wheels
Of deceit and inhumanity.

It pains a lot
To realize how
Your budding life
From soiree to a dirge
Turned into a scarecrow
Only left to be scorned.

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Copyright © Moloy Bhattacharya

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