I’m missing you so much today
I feel you in my every breath
The last few hours spent
immersed in your scent;
folding your clothes,
boxing your shoes
trying so hard to be strong
but truly it’s all a ruse
Inside, I’m fumbling
my heart crumbling
The tears I can no longer hold at bay;
not today mom, not today
As I sit here in the sunlight
I feel you in the leaves
rustling all around me
and in the cool breeze
whisping through my hair
I’m wearing your shirt and your scent
is hugging me everywhere
Your favorite perfume
kissing the nape of my neck
But it’s not you
not even close
not enough with the perfume
and rustling leaves
not even with your clothes
It’s just not enough
I miss you, all of you
so very much

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Copyright © Priya Patel

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