Is a poet of goodies and pleasantries,
Please and thank you
And goodbye,
See you again,
Bye-bye, goodbye,
O, my God!.

In the park likes to meet
Her under some pretext,
Wanting to go to the cinema
With her stealthily,
Love letters to her,
But failing to materialize it love-marriage,
A mugging Jew, a minority boy he.

Nissim a foreign returnee can see off
Pushpa at the airport,
Can taunt the English
Of the geography department teacher
And the Gandhian freedom fighter,
A poet modern not
But alienated from Indian ethos and historicity.

With the scorpion in his hands
He has got
What he had to,
Making us remember of
Indian karma, dharma and bhoga,
The exorcist and the tamer through the mantras
And the Naga-devata,
Bihula and Lakhinder indirectly,
The foreigners in a village with their bad luck.

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Copyright © Bijay Kant Dubey

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Disclaimer: The image used herein is in the public domain and taken from the Internet. Due appreciation and credit is acknowledged for the same.

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