when seven colors are not enough...

when seven colors are not enough…

Where nights of seven moons, make all nights glow to the full
That is where I sleep, when I think of you
Where seven colors are not enough, to paint all rainbows of this universe
That is where I live, if you are with me…

The Galilean moons. From left to right, in ord...

The Galilean moons. From left to right, in order of increasing distance from Jupiter: Io, Europa, Ganymede, Callisto (Photo credit: Wikipedia)








Where there are no storms, but only gentle rain drizzling
That is when I hold you, in my dreams
Where there is thunder and lightening, to frighten you and scare
That is when, with you I will be there…

What do I do to make my love, love me
How can I make the moonlight, kiss my stars to light up this night
Why since you left last, do some things don’t feel right
When will we be together, I wonder, if at all ever…

Copyright @ Vijay Vaghela


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