In man’s journey through life
As he reaches for his dreams
And overall quest for success
His determination and will
Always is… put to the test
Challenged by his very fate
Required of his true destiny
Is his spirit and ability to endure
Above his day to day struggles
Even when all looks hopeless
Through life raging storms
Dark and moonless nights
Through his limitations and flaws
Responsibilities and obligations
When he stumbles and falls
His strength is put to question
Will he give up or try again?
When he veers off a set course
Will he get back on track?
For these are the real values
That makes a man be a man
Of him withstanding life blows
And having the energy to go on
It takes a lot to get back on his feet
His greatest trial and tribulation yet
Is maintaining his focus towards his goals
Having determination without any focus
Can be likened to a lion without any teeth
Without focus very little can be achieved….indeed

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