My Plane Journey

We were wrapped in our seats,
The announcer briefed about the feats,
The huge machine started with a grunt,
Lifted up lightly in the void after a long run.

The tiny window on the sides,
Revealed wonders to the eyes,
Pools of water and patches of green,
Towers, flyovers, roads slim and lean,
Cars, buses and trucks creeping along,
Matched a world of toddlers toy land .

With piled up seats in regular rows,
Aircraft pierced the space as though chasing a foe,
Friendly and helpful crew in similar robes,
Ready to take us in few hours across the globe.
A great achievement in the history of man,
Observed nature and invented for his clan.

Man, who has control over giant machines.
Fail to understand tiny hearts of fellow men,
Looking at his vigour towards power & supremacy,
A ray of fear, an atom of threat bursts to enormity.
One thought, one step towards adversity,
Would result in unimaginable fatality.

Thoughtful, looked out to have a glimpse of nature,
Foamy clouds and pristine sky seemed to be a preacher,
“Humane and benevolence bring peace and harmony,
While Missiles and Nuclear Weapons steal humanity”
True enough!…we seldom have strength and courage,
To face another Hiroshima or World War rage.!

Mythily Govindan

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Copyright © Mythily Govindan


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