Depression, my friend and yet you are my foe.
You hold my hand through my tortuous times
And sail with me, through the wings of birds
And the sweet fragrance of leaves, and trees.
You have known me for a long time and I understand your ways
Through the blackness you walk by my side, holding my hand
And sleep with me on the coldest and darkest of nights.

Depression, I know you will never leave my side
But many times I wish you would let go of my hand, release me
And let me be. To allow me to achieve my own personal goals.
To unchain me from the memories and pain of the past
Allowing me to travel a new road full of enthusiasm and joy
With you no longer constantly invading my days, and black nights
Finally being able to feel totally free, and running with the breeze.

Depression, you own the deepest part of my soul, and my whole being
And I don’t know how to release you from enveloping the darkness
And taking away the stars from my dreams, heart and my spirit.
I understand you, and know you will never leave me but please,
Release me from this infinite tunnel and spiral of utter sadness
And grief as you have taken from me my spirit and my joy
And have left me breathless, lifeless, and just a walking corpse.

Depression, I know you will never leave my side or let me go
Continuing to haunt me, enveloping me tightly within your grasp.
You will always sleep beside me, silently and always steadfast
And you will announce yourself to me when I awaken at dawn.
When I leave this earth, finally, you will depart with me
And I hope then, after so much pain that you have caused
That you will finally release your hold on me, and let me go
To a place where I can choose to dance with the stars, fly with the birds
And glide eternally, happy and carefree, at one, with the winds of time.

Copyright Lyndell Muirhead October 2014

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Copyright © Lyndell Muirhead

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