Whom I am to judge a lady badly,
Forcing her to feel pains devastating and deadly,
Wicked maybe I am yet can’t leave her sadly,
Before I comment unto her I think vividly…

What comes out from my mouth isn’t rudely,
I do swallow my pride so soddenly,
Neither my action happen or come suddenly,
Nor romanticism in my soul and heart is nudely…

A Lady’s feelings can crumble fadingly,
So they need much care that is not tepidly,
Better I loose wealth than loose her pallidly,
That’s why I choose my word unto her shadily…

A twisted and loose tongue pricks them madly,
And can destroy relationships rapidly,

A lady love needs words sweet and goodly,
My lips speak from the heart to feed her soul gladly…

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Copyright © Changez Ndzai


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