Dear Honourablies and good leaders,
You are like salt in soup our feeders,
Your decisions are scoop like riders,
So don’t think like olden day slave traders.

Bad politics can harm your repitition hinders,
Don’t take things for granted meanders,
Think twice before your action binders,
Don’t selfishly pretend to be our defenders.

Why do you fight for huge money ponders?
Why do you follow and accept simply renders?
While us citizens well know that you are pretenders,
Not fighting for us but for your stomach finders.

You’re threatening to call for referendum tenders,
Devolution is your power add not our grinders,
In simple language you need more power minders,
So you want again to throw another hand to blinders.

We are the blinders, poor citizens in panders,
We support you, in returns you do ponders,
Sirens in towns if you passes by winders,
Stop blackmailing us and work hard as minders.

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