This night, this hour, at this very moment

I evaporate from the above listed concepts

Existing beyond the realms of all dimensions

To become my complete actual self

Which is to be nothing at all

Beyond any manifestations

I finally am receptive to my voice

Making me receive the answer to it all

(The tree swings to the tune of night’s haunting mystery)


The universe is a fine tuned machine of elements

The conspiracy of which brought in my advent

Now when I get conscious about my vicinity

I realize I only exist

To validate its existence

I am the feeder to Universe’s vanity

I am the cluttered mathematics giving it a reason

As without my acknowledgment

Who would conceive of its utter point?

Without me, it would cease to exist at all

(Fog overlaying the lifeless dark tree)


What if the fine tune is disturbed?

Would there be anarchy in existence?

Maybe it would lead to different concepts altogether

A different universe with different principles and laws

So much so that it challenges

The very meaning of principles and laws

Governance of thought beyond comprehension

Everything existing in abstracts beyond orders

Receptive to my current ideation

(An unknown car drives away into abyss of darkness)


What am I, but a forthcoming?

Forthcoming of a primordial soup

Mix of all the right elements at the right time

Result of a celestial coup

Maybe this ‘accident’

Which led to the correct recipe (me)

Is to bring about a being

Who will then play it all back in a loop?

(A far away howl, hinting its absence in the mist)


Déjà vu tells me it’s the umpteenth existence of mine

So if I die suddenly, don’t be sad

For what it’s worth, we are together

In another re-run of this

Somewhere, somehow

(A lone figure, his footsteps echoing the silence)


All the rhapsody of the unknown

The spine chilling abstract of mystery

I only realize it in a cosmic union

With my soul mate

In this cold January night

Worn out of our banal undertakings

We tap into each others stream of thought

Accompanying each other

In this late night phone call


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