My beloved can you …….
make me trace my foot-steps
on the waves of breeze?
stop the beating of my heart and
still keep me alive?
ask the stars and moon to
stop shining , ask the sky to glitter?
ask the earth to revolve around moon ,
but not the earth around moon ?
ask the KURUNJI flower to bloom
every year , not 13 years once?
ask the heaven to send water falls
to my threshold, not me going to it ?
ask the Time to retrace its steps
as it moves only forward?
ask the moon to show me its other side,
as I always see its one side?
ask the death to dance with life
where we all are comfortable with it?
ask the hate to get plastic surgery
and turn into REAL LOVE on earth?

Seema Devi….12/27/14,

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