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So yesternight when our WhatsApp chat was getting boring, she put me to a challenge, “Mr.Poet,lets play a game” I responded “ok”, she continued “I will send you a word and you begin a short love poem with the word”, she explained and I complied…So the game started…

(Please judge us before Nana Ama Darku cheats me…)

Eugenia: my word is ‘distance’
Cliff: Distance can us kill
But our hearts will
continue to live
to love but no leave

Cliff: My word is ‘Lips’
Eugenia: Lips of yours, I will drink from
Your arms, the only assured pit
In which I fear not fall
Your presence glows a light ray
arresting this darkness my heart buys
from loneliness of your absence

Eugenia: my word is ‘love’
Cliff: Love you like love
I can hate me, to love you
And sing hymns to horn
this message my heart writes
words from soul is “I love you”

Cliff: my word is ‘kiss’
Eugenia: Kiss, last time was when you left
without saying goodbye
without looking at me
yes, I kissed myself in your name.

Eugenia: my word is ‘more’
Cliff: More or less, I can bite
Chew and swallow
any insect who cross pollinates
this rose flower of my life (Eugenia)
Think of me a hunter
Hounding animals to cook a feast
For one to whom I will feast
when a stick grows tall and stiff to say the least

Eugenia: Haahahaha.. Cliff you are crazy…
I won’t mind you …Yoo lost….You lost…bad boy

Cliff: Ooohhhh please this is poetry…
and can be ambiguous

After teaching her poetry for just a month she comes battling me..eeehhh mmmm….but I know I won….pls judge us.

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Copyright © Oppong Clifford Benjamin

Photo Credit: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Eugenia_buxifolia.jpg


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