Save The Planet

Save The Planet

Mother, Mother, we call it our mother.
But we neither take care, nor bother about her.
No, it’s not about the Mother, Who gave us birth.
But it’s about the Mother, Whom we call,”Mother Earth”.

Population is growing, greed is growing,
And so are growing demands.
They have made us “Butchers”,
Cutting all the Trees of Life.

Vehicles, vehicles, every where,
Creating pollution and making atmosphere dark.
The parks where yesterday played the children,
Are today used as a place to “Park the Car”.

Melting of Ice Bergs, A high level issue,
Are all caused due to increase in heat.
And the “Bloody Axe” for this, Is in our hands,
Which is cutting our own feet.

We fought many wars including Two World Wars,
Which not only killed many of us,
But also affected other species,
And left our Mother Earth helpless.

If we have such a hobby of Destroying,
Destructing and Devastating ourselves and others,
Then Let’s play a “Third World War”,
And finish ourselves.

Start thinking, start working.
And stop destroying our Planet, cause it’s of no use.
Otherwise someday, we will destroy,
Not only this earth but also our own, Sisters and Brothers.

It will be such a movement that,
Every living organism in this,
Whole Universe will say,
That was the “Foolish Man”, who killed his own Mother.

Copyright @ Suraj Sakharam Abhale

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