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Cast your gaze to the sky my little one
It has finally risen
Skirting above the hills
Be quick my Darling daughter
Grab the rising moon
Shake it ‘til dreams, beams and moon dust fall

We will run through the field just you and me
The air sweetened with honeysuckle
Under the Lord’s radiant canopy of moonlight
Hold tight to the basket we brought
And will we gather them all in

We’ll sprinkle moon dust on moonbeams
And let them give us traverse through the Milky Way
Taking us up in a swirling swoon and whoosh!
Off we go, adventure awaits, so do your dreams
Your nightgown flows and long hair shimmers
From the burst of our shooting star

We do not speak, we do not need to
Your eyes, your glances and smiles tell me everything
I see you breathing it all in
Close your heavy eyelids my Darling
I will lay your head on your pillow

I will kiss you on your forehead and pray [avatar user=”Eric Von Rohr” size=”100″ align=”right” link=”/author/eric-von-rohr”]
Tucked in, your basket laid next you
The night is still young
Adventure still beckons and awaits you
Enjoy My Darling, Enjoy!

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Copyright © Eric Von Rohr

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