Jean Etienne Liotard Young Girl Singing into a...

Jean Etienne Liotard Young Girl Singing into a Mirror (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
















In today’s advancing world,
You never know,
When you may have to act!

You lift the receiver,
Dial your friend,
and…responds a recorded voice!

“After you hear a beep
Give your messages,
Your friend is not in!”

And in few moments
There goes a ‘beep’
Here lies the real catch!

It’s like a Clapper Board
You hear tap
Be alert and start the ‘Act’!

You know pretty well
When you start…
There’s none at the other end!

You mumble through words Kirti Vaghela Without any practice
Isn’t that a ‘MONO ACTING’?


Copyright © Kirti R. Vaghela
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