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Jean Etienne Liotard Young Girl Singing into a Mirror (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
















In today’s advancing world,
You never know,
When you may have to act!

You lift the receiver,
Dial your friend,
and…responds a recorded voice!

“After you hear a beep
Give your messages,
Your friend is not in!”

And in few moments
There goes a ‘beep’
Here lies the real catch!

It’s like a Clapper Board
You hear tap
Be alert and start the ‘Act’!

You know pretty well
When you start…
There’s none at the other end!

You mumble through words [avatar user=”KIRTI VAGHELA” size=”100″ align=”right” link=”/author/kirti-vaghela”] Without any practice
Isn’t that a ‘MONO ACTING’?


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