I fainted
The day I lost her
Not to the cold arms of death
But the warm hugs of hopeless hope.
Ice grew colder on fire
Eyes far widened in anxiety.
Come back Misturah! My sister friend.
Memories of your departure still like a sparM
It is to me like a sudden missI
Shortened was the union, so I roam the streetS
Tell me when you’ll return, loneliness to aborT
Under intense ache I write this of yoU
Run thou down here, love, to go no fartheR
And lets rewind the years to the fitness of our stratA
Home calling. Return before love’s flame turns asH.
When you came, it was fire
And you left an earthquake.
Pleas quicken the times and seasons
Faster than the clock’s tickles,
For now, the shadows I see.
Return that sunshine I may behold again.
Mine, you left a storM.
Intimidated and saddened was I,
So I decided to write these dayS
That brought joy but tears to this pen at lasT.
Untie your bonds, no love without yoU
Raise an alarm and turn back the oaR
Arise, Rose, and come back to love’s arenA,
How sweet it is to eat from Romeo and Juliet’s neglected masH.

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