It all starts when you accept the reality of your death in your dreams
You fade with the smoke that you exhale
And you stand in the den of your own soul

You are blinded consciously
Because subconsciously your third eye peers at all that is unknown
While drifting in this limbo it becomes all to surreal

Then is when you realize
That you are no longer in your physical body
Therefore franticly you start to understand a measure

The weight of how lost you are in this fragile existence

Fear subdues the weak minded
With the illusions of astral demons hunting the heartless

For only with an unwavering heart may you tread in these lands
These nocturnal psychedelic fields
Or you will be forced to deal with the devils that lie within

The likes of which that can leave men chanting
And saints praying for a god that may never come
Thus forsaking a society built upon blasphemy

Though things become clear once nothing becomes your ambitions
But you walk with the will of the universe as a new found glory
Allowing that past fear to shift into a feeble irrelevance

Now, watch as this fruit opens all your chakras as you have a spiritual metamorphosis
You will see the heaven that surrounds us all
With a new aura that will protect you from an ongoing hallucination.

~ Paradise Poet ~

Also at: Tony Yang’s post on his blog

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