Are Humans nothing without the gods?

Are Humans nothing without the gods?


Our Men have signaled their coming
Beat drums
Call musics
Bring the stools
Slaughter goats
We can’t be sure of truth
The gods have always been cunning

Oh blame me the cursed tongue
I rebuke the gods
drink libations
steal their kolanuts
spit into the rivers
The gods are cunning to call me young

You see, powerless idols of our fathers
they died with the land and ancestors
where lied the difference
gods are nothing
without humans.
Are Humans nothing without the gods?

Louder and joyful…..
Our Men have arrived
Praise no gods,collect their sweat
Cup them, worship the cups
Men have been Men
and gods drink the palm wine

Angry and fast…….
Let them tell us where was tomorrow
when they were gods yesterday.
Where were they when Africa was American’s
When Papa hit the bushes and land in the dungeon
prepared to be sold like a cup of sugar
and earn another identity, either Bonny or Sonny
Had the gods drunk too much, were they fuddled
Out of unnecessary many libations
Where were the gods, where!!!!!!!!!

Now tell me, which god brought independence
Obatala,Antuah or Shango or Ori
Was Mandela a god
No, No , hold on, was Nkrumah a deity
Okay, Maybe Kenyatta was a friend to some Trees
The Pyramids made Egyptians or Egyptians made the pyramids?
Okomfo Anokye brought the stool
but who was Okomfo Anokye, a man?
Or the gods too feared the guns
they too had not seen white men before and were shy
hahahha, oh my shy gods come and come [avatar user=”Oppong Clifford Benjamin” size=”100″ align=”right” link=”/author/oppong-clifford-benjamin”] show me where I should write your names in the history

Tell me the place of the gods in our history?

By Kweku Atta Crayon (Part one of “Faraway Lamentations)

Copyright © Oppong Clifford Benjamin
Written By: Oppong Clifford Benjamin

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