When destiny turned around...

The memory of your golden song,
Floats like a soothing whisper,
Laced with everlasting music,
Reminding me of the morning,
When the sun shone on me…..

The fragile playful butterflies,
Clothed in a riot of colors,
Suckling sweet nectar from wild flowers,
Reminding me of the afternoon,
When we lay beneath the rainbow…..

The River Wandle meanders through Morden Hall ...

The River Wandle meanders through Morden Hall Park. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)









The golden red edge of the horizon,
Kissing the stretched ocean blue,
Covered with never ending ripples,
Reminding me of the evening sun setting,
Casting our shadows on the sands of time…..

The fair round face of the moon,
As fair as bright as only you,
Embracing all with blue white light,
Reminding me of the fateful night,
When destiny turned around to walk with me…..

Copyright @ Zarina C. Johnstone

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