No love like yours, O’ my Divine…

No love like yours, O’ my Divine…














Searching u in my emptiness,
Searching u in my bizarre dreams,
Searching u in my lost lanes,
Searching u in my deep memories,
Searching u in my heart beats,
Searching u in my restlessness, ….
Where r u my soul, Where u my

..My ECHO Inside your heart,
Within your eyes,
With your smile,
All around in your mind,
Wrapped around your soul,
For I am there everywhere,
Close your eyes and You will see!!

Next I say……

U b my breath,
U b my heart beat,
u b my thought,
u b my thinking,
u b my being,
u b my essence,
u b my silence ,
u b my life,
u b my living,
u b my last breath.

My echo says……
Now that I have found you,
I shall never leave,
Till the end of time,
Over the sands of time,
Your love shall be carved forever,
With me entwined,
No love like yours, O’ my Divine…
16.1.14..My acrylic painting

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