Suddenly you rose
Like the legendary phoenix
From the ashes
Of fecund femininity
In such troubled hours
That choked
Every breath,
Every deed of yours
The fragile voice
Echoed among the coterie.


Suddenly you rose
Like a speedy gale
You lashed on
The humanity
With guts and probity
Kindling a hope
Dormant at hearts
From a deep slumber
For a revolution
Not dreamt before.


Suddenly you rose
Like a guiding moon
Lighting the rays
Of protest in the street.
Hail to you, iron lady
The voice of the masses
You suffered the agony
From brutal hands
From scary eyes of patriarchy
Resisting them like divinity.

(Note 1: Mamata Banerjee, who needs no introduction, is at present the 8th & the 1st Woman Chief Minister of West Bengal)

(Note 2: This poem tries to record the incredibly political transition of the person in question from a mere students’ union leader to the formidable leader of the masses singlehandedly)

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