Wing drying pose

In the summer you yearn for only frosty days
But when it’s freezing, you want only sunny rays
When it is dry, you call for the rain to aide
But when it is raining, you run to the cozy shade

When you are in a crowd, you want to be all alone
But when you are solitary, you long for baritone
When you are a child, you want to grow up fast
But when you are an adult, you yearn for your past

What are you looking for here?
There’s nothing here to find
All you need to do is
Simply make up your mind

When you are free, you want to be occupied
But when you are busy, you want to be pacified
When you are laughing you want to sober down
But when you are quiet, depression only mounts

When you are poor, you feel jealous of the rich
But when you earn a lot, you hide it in a ditch
When you are ugly, you envy the good looking
But when you are beautiful, you worry for it glooming

Why are you always in doubt? [avatar user=”Abhik Shome” size=”100″ align=”right”] There is no reason to cry and whine
Love is the only constant you will find
When you understand that fact
The voice in you will make up your mind.

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