The Voyage of Dreams (s)

A FREE downloadable and printable PDF format Magazine – Coming Soon


A FREE downloadable and printable PDF format of the MAGAZINE, with the best poems shared by various authors who have granted permission to publish either in electronic form or print media. The below does not apply to authors who have already filled and submitted this form/ information earlier.

Authors who wish to have their poems featured in the first issue of the magazine, may send e-mail, stating subject as “Unique Identification Number Request” to:

[email protected]

…..and request for their unique identification number that is a required field to be entered in the online form to be filled and submitted below:




Alternatively the form is also available at the link below:

Founder, Editor and Administrator



  1. shivaji

    i like this projection of http://www.poetrybit,com and admins and loving friends around me, while with you all my friends i never feel life is so hard
    times to pass away . wherever you maybe all my poems i covered under my soul always send you message and your true compliments reach
    to me always in future, only comment is not commitment of friendship, you can share joy and happiness with each other and make a strong group
    in future,that can face any hazard and troubles, in this age as people says tears are get dries but on very
    emotional moment how it flows god knows,
    in reunion and seprating time don’t know what we shared with you that touches the heart, obviously those words we shared are not dishonest or
    that statements are not almost false . i have to talk with you on various topics but this is not right place my friends, thanks to vijay sir and ali balbino,
    nikitaji. abhik shome and others all.

    • Vijay Vaghela

      Thank you dear Shivaji Pandhare Sir for your wonderful appreciating comment on this website magazine page.

  2. Changez

    Thanks for giving me this chance.

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