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When I was a baby life was a lullaby
Showering love,kisses,cuddles and hugs
As a toddler life turned exploratory
With caring and loving parents on guard
In growing years,with horizon fanning out
Never ending queries and errands pouring out
A Curious mixture of restraint and ecstacy
Life was nothing short of fantasy.

Gliding into youth,life turned enchanting
Sensational scintillating and enthralling
The warmth of friendship stealing the spotlight
Days flew by dreaming in daylight.
Step into adulthood ,individuality reigning tight
With lofty hopes and hefty pride
Slowly,steadily peeked in drudgery
Life like a chugging train on an uphill ride.

With midway in sight,lot of loads off and light
Life easy and spry sunshine seemingly bright
Started the downhill trot unfaltering alright
Picking up speed at every twisty turn
Momentum on the high and energy turning low
The shrieks of the body and the creaks of the bones
Signaling to that sure inevitable bow
Everyman takes at the end of a show.

OF the final exit no one knows
Will it be a sanguine sunset
A fading facade,or an abrupt farewell
It matters not how it breezes in
Wishes are solely for a free fall
Tension free struggle free and care free
Breathtaking and weightless
Exhilarating like never before.

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