“The love that never fades…”; she said,”I want that kind of story”
“It’s only in the fairy tales, Sarah”; he said,”that’s real in reel or theory!”
“Oh! That ain’t true my dear, coz love definitely finds you I feel…”
“You live in your own sweet dream world that is what I feel!”
“Dream or no dream, there’s someone meant only for you; whose footsteps in your life would move things up for you!”
“I don’t know about moving things is true, for it only changes a part & later everything of you!”
“And that’s the magic it creates, you start loving the things you hate”
“Oh don’t give me this crap; for I ain’t falling in this trap”
“What you call a trap that’s something I call bliss; But I’m afraid when you realize this you might have it already missed…!”
“I may or may not, that’s best known to time; Right now I’m too busy embracing this very while”
“I’d wait for that day my friend when you’d be at other side of the story; Truly absorbed in love, celebrating life like a trophy…
For love is love…it strikes first to the person consciously avoiding this trap; But trust me Nick… it’s worth having the crap!”

Copyright © Shweta Vaghela

Disclaimer: The image used herein is in the public domain and taken from the Internet. Due appreciation and credit is acknowledged for the same. 


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