It’s great to fall in love to get lost in its magic and fly with the moment
But to be blinded by love is like being swept away by life’s torrent
That eventually leads to a sea of painful regret and much torment
For a love that is blind makes a heart tolerate faults so abhorrent

Advising against such a relationship is a tough predicament
A heart blinded by love fails to see signs that are indeed so apparent
And it is rendered helpless to escape any wrongful attachment
Thus lies and deceit can casually stroll in without deterrent

“Love is blind” is so often said and regarded with blissful excitement
It’s why many can’t see the sharks lurking in the mesmerizing current
Being used and abused becomes their woeful romance entrapment
And being taken advantage begets them, since their sights and judgments are incoherent

Without sight in love a heart can get torn apart like a parchment
Love should not be blind it should be open, clear and transparent
For there is a very thin line that separates love and resentment
True love can’t be found in the darkness of blindness but in truth and enlightenment

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