Lost Path

Man placed on earth, not without aim,
Bathed in river of humanity, to find gain.
Malignant environments to dutifully tame,
Often times distracted while seeking fame.
Beyond own needs and interests, blurred lines,
We fail to see how others for help do pine.
Principle of ‘living for others’ is fantasy doctrine,
Heeding the call to help is flushed in latrine.
Stress ,strain and anxiety challenge our wits,
Selfishness gone amok and throats get slit.
Sometimes subtle and sometimes blatant lies
All done with deception to manufacture ties.
No time for family gatherings or kid parties,
None offers that helping hand to druggies.
Economic growth must be sustainably encouraged,
Even as leaders seem to have lost righteous courage.
Irritating our neighbors, on pretext of our celebrations,
We frolic wildly to music our culture lost in translation.
Immersed are we in material gain and wealth,
We fail to see that the devil has crept in with stealth.

©Perveiz Ali
Editted by: Carl Pontiak

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Copyright © Perveiz Ali


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