Short is our presence on earth
Our life’s journey begins at birth
Each has to follow his own path
What you sow, in the aftermath
Is what you’ll reap, do the math

Take heed ye who still draw breath
It’s true the wages of sin is death
Your deeds and choices go in-depth
Good or bad, everything you doeth
Know that a day of reckoning cometh

Our spirit and true self in not a myth
To our very existence it forms the pith
From the very air that we breathe
To everyday strife we struggle with
This life on earth is not the zenith

Our body indeed is just but a cloth
Upon which churns a worldly broth
Where we blindly place our worth
How can man ever commence forth
Without understanding his true North

Surround oneself with light and truth
Transition to the afterlife will be smooth
World of deception is armed to the tooth
Its materialistic ways may tend to soothe
By disillusioning our minds at their youth

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Copyright © Bernard Owor

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